BioBarr Final Workshop, 29th Nov 2021

BioBarr Final Workshop, 29th Nov 2021

Technical-scientific event for sharing the knowledge on PHA’s behaviour as new biopolymer for food packaging applications.

Monday 29th November 2021

14:00 – 17:00 CET

Moderator: Marianna Faraldi, Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A.
14:00 – Welcome and BioBarr in brief (Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A., R. Prugger –Project Coordinator)
14:15 – Contribution of BioBarr project to BBI JU goals: final remarks (BBI JU,Ana Ruiz – Project Officer)
14:25 – PHA extrusion (Tampere University, Johanna Lahti)
14:40 – Mechanical and barrier properties of PHA (Icimendue, Chiara Ascione)
14:55 – PHA functionalisation techniques (Icimendue, Chiara Ascione)
15:15 – New compostable inks (Kao Chimigraf SU, Benjamin Moreno)
15:30 – PHA in contact with food: migration tests (CNTA, Eva Petri)
15:45 – PHA compostability and biodegradability (CNTA, Jorge Lorenzo)
16:00 – VCA (Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A., Marianna Faraldi)
16:15 – LCA results (DTU, Mikolaj Owsianiak)
16:30 – CBA (DTU, Mikolaj Owsianiak)
16:45 – Final results overview from the Coordination Team (Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A., Marianna Faraldi – Coordination Team)
17:00 Expected end of the workshop

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